Kaundinya Wild Life Sanctuary

Among a number of attractions to visit, the wildlife sanctuaries are one of the major attractions. Everyone would certainly want to visit the sanctuary at least once in their lifetime to see the wild animals and explore the flora and fauna in the forest regions. In this aspect, the Kaundinya wildlife sanctuary is known for its unique wildlife, birds and other habitats living in the dense forest region.

Located in Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh, this Kaundinya sanctuary occupies a wide region of 358 sq km. This sanctuary was established in 1990 and it is located close to Chittor. This entire region is covered with the southern tropical thorn type forest. You can find and explore various species of trees, especially like FicusTomentosa, Albizia Amara, FicusBengalensis, Bamboo, FicusReligiosa and many others.

It is not only unique types of trees but also mammals like cheetah, mouse deer, four-horned antelope, jungle cat and many others are found in this sanctuary. You will certainly get excited seeing animals like wild boar, hare, sambar, porcupine and many others. In addition to these animals, jungle fowl, sloth bear, jackal, slender loris, starred tortoise and panther make your trip to this sanctuary thrilling and a memorable one.

Besides these wild animals, you will also enjoy the cool water showering from the Kaigal and Kaundinya streams. These streams flow through this widespread sanctuary serving as the water resource for the animals and birds living here. These streams are indeed surrounded by deep valleys and hills.

You can also see the primates living in this sanctuary like langur, rhesus monkey, bonnet monkey and many others. Olive baboon, mandrill, Himalayan black-bear, hippopotamus, hyena, and jaguar are further living in this dense forest and if you get to see them on your thrilling trip, certainly it would become an ever memorable one in your life.

Things to do:

This wildlife sanctuary, Kaundinya offers you many exciting things to do. In this array, you can enjoy,
• Jeep safaris
• Elephant rides
• Birdwatching
• Trekking to some distance and much more

On your trip, you can explore many animals in real-time on their own habitats.

There is also lodging facilities available in this sanctuary region and you can stay with your friends and family overnight to enjoy the exciting night time in the forest region filled with threatening animals.

Best time to visit

If you are planning to visit this remarkable sanctuary, then the best time to plan is from the month, October to May. However, months between November to march will be suitable to enjoy good weather too.

With ample things to enjoy, explore and experience, this Kaundinya sanctuary can certainly offer you the best holiday to spend with your family and friends.