Expansion of Chennai: Big Boost for Oragadam

Chennai Expansion: Boon to Oragadam With the expansion of the Chennai metropolitan area across Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Arakkonam districts, spacing all of them along with Chennai area is going to be a boon for customers and real estate dealers in and around Oragadam. The Government has planned for housing scheme in the expanded area to bring this under urban development of Chennai Mega Region. The Chennai Mega region covers the areas of Chennai, Kancheepuram, Chengalpattu, Tiruvallur and Arakkonam taluks of Vellore districts.

Oragadam falling in the limits of the Chennai Mega region project will have an added advantage of the infrastructural development it will be receiving from the Government and the real estate developers in the region. As better rules are being brought in by Government, innovative changes are being expected in the region in the near future. The forest area in the region will be safeguarded by the Government. The main aim to expand the city limits is to lessen the concentration of floating population in the city due to higher job and educational opportunities. The expansion of the Chennai Corporation is a boon to Oragadam as it is a flourishing industrial and residential area which is high in demand.

New Satellite Towns

The government has decided to build new township and satellite townships in the expanded areas to develop the areas in the region for people to settle in. The real estate industry in the area will be benefitted by the development provided by Government. The nature is also kept intact for the betterment of the people and other living things in the surroundings. This expansion step taken by the Government will enhance the value of land and Oragadam area for the benefit of land owners and the real estate developers. This development step will be instrumental for Chennai especially Oragadam as more avenues for people to settle in are in the pipeline. Thus expansion of Chennai is a boon for Oragadam on the whole.