Go Green: Happiness is in Lap of the Nature

Chennai is becoming hotter each passing year and with the kind of natural calamities hitting the city it is unpredictable what is in store for the city in the future. It has seen Tsunami, drought, floods, hurricanes, cyclones and what not yet the city is standing good due to its certain green pastures in Oragadam and surrounding areas. The cyclonic winds and rains have washed away quite a lot of wealth from the city in 2015 and 2016 saw Varadha cyclonic storm with minimal rainfall but greater damage to the greenery of the city with more than 1 Lakh of trees being wiped out.

Need to Go Green

The city at this point of time is facing the wrath of nature through scorching hot sun due to lack of trees and scarcity of water due to heavy population. The best remedy for such situation is going green and planting more trees, which is not an easier task. Going green has become a necessity of life on Earth with increasing carbon print in the environment and many more projects like Ananda Habitat at Oragadam are more than welcome by the investors. Green environment can be developed through proper usage of the place we have by planting and maintaining more trees and plants in the area. More plants mean more oxygen in the area which will lower the carbon di oxide present in the environment.

Tips to Go Green

1. The unwarranted usage of water is the main cause of agony in a city like Chennai. This can be reduced by reusing water from kitchen to water plants and water from bathroom to flushing the toilets.
2. Use the vegetable waste in a compost bin which on decomposition can be used as manure for the plants and trees in and around the place.
3. Use more of solar energy through solar power heaters and other appliances to save power generated through water.
4. Use electrical appliances like dish washer and washing machines on full load so that water and electricity can be saved for better purposes.
Environment friendly buildings and office spaces are the need of the hour where more plants and trees needs to be planted for a better and greener Chennai like Ananda Habitat at Oragadam where you feel you are away from the honking of the cars and bustling crowd of people with much green space to live a peaceful life with more sophistication.