Oragadam Industrial Corridor

Oragadam as everyone knows is an extension of Chennai’s developing industrial corridor along with good lot housing projects. It is a place which has again maintained its green surroundings in the times when places are becoming more of a concrete jungle. The place has not been dilapidated but has been maintained by Government, Private bodies and NGO’s in its present condition as it was a few decades ago on its natural front.

The Karasangal Lake has been kept up to its life through proper fencing on the side of the road towards Oragadam by the people living nearby in communities. The lake is surrounded by fence and bunds which are quite strong and high to safe guard it from any kind of pollution. The work has been taken up by Environment Foundation of India and L&T. This shows the changed attitude of the people towards the natural reservoirs of water available to us and how important it is to safeguard it

The forest on the way to Oragadam junction is also one of the examples of the safeguarded greenery in the region as it looks the same without much damage as it was a decade ago. The place is still having good green pastures and meadows with hill locks covering the sides of the region to give it a beautiful look in the early morning and evening hours. Three months before the green wing of Chennai Trekking Club has done Ainthinai a green wing of planting trees in the forest for the weekend.

Thus, the greenery is maintained at Oragadam and will be so in the future as the people in the vicinity are social responsible people having knowledge of what is better for them in the long run without doing any trouble to the environment. Oragadam has become an example for the people living in cheer with the love for the environment around them.