Tada falls Trekking in chennai

En route to Tada Falls

Tada falls is locally known as Ubbalamadugu Falls lies on Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh border in Nellore under Tada sub division. It is a trekker’s delight and is at a distance of 113.6 Km from Oragadam in Chennai by road via Thiruvallur –Uthukottai road. The journey is approximately timed at 2 to 3 hours by road. The destination is well connected with bus and train. The buses to Tada falls start from Koyambedu bus stand dropping the trekker at Varadaiah Palem and from there an auto rickshaw needs to be engaged to reach Tada forest check point before starting the trek.
Trekkers can take trains going to Sullurpet from Central as they stop at Tada junction and the frequency of the trains is good to reach Tada falls. Reaching Tada is not difficult and is a must place to visit by trekkers for its natural beauty to be devoured on.
Ubbalamadugu or Kambakam Falls

The Tada Falls is a trekker’s delight because at the end of a tiring trekking you get to enjoy the water. Tada or Ubbalamadugu or Kambakam Falls is essentially an enchanting water fall located to the North of Sri City in the Chittoor district. The falls is located within a forest called Kambakam forest or Sidduliah Kona which is famous for its Shiva temple and the festivities on Maha Shivaratri. The place is not visited much as it is a rocky terrain to be visited for tourism but is best for trekking, hiking, picnics and camp fires. The trekking is not easy as the path is not defined well and needs a lot of attention to reach the destination without getting lost with lots of rocks and boulders to cross amidst. The trek can be on track if the sound of the waterfall is followed and if the trekking needs to be enjoyed to its complete an early start. An early trek will give ample time to have fun in the water at the Tada falls.
The trekking starts from base camp which is a 10 km trek which consists of 4 km rocky stretch. Rest of the trekking path is muddy. Within 30 minutes of the trek one comes across an old Shiva temple, last place to relax before reaching the Tada falls. Best time for trekking is August to December as the sun is not very intense over the head. It is not advisable to trek in the months of March to June as the Sun is on its peak making the trekking more tiring than ever.
Tada falls is a place to be enjoyed thoroughly as the nature is still untouched by human encroachment