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When the seemingly unending rat race gets to urbanites, what do they do for relaxation? Head out to the nearest hill station or make a short weekend trip to some destination a few hours away. The truth however is, one can’t simply just pack their bags and leave as even a short weekend trip comes with its share of bookings and other niggling issues that need to be taken care of before one can just head out.

In this scenario many people have found that having their own second home is a practical and convenient solution that works out for the individual and for the entire family. Be it for short excursion trips or even on lengthy sojourns, a second home/ weekend home that is easily reachable within a short drive and yet which doesn’t entail too many hours of travel between the first home to the second, has been ‘just the solution’ that city- hardened urbanites were looking for.

Not too far, Not Too Near- Just right!

Taking forward the concept of weekend homes that double up as mini-vacation farmhouses, weekend /second homes have been a bright spot for many a realty investor who doesn’t want to commit to yet another flat in the middle of the city chaos, yet who wants a convenient option of having the second home within the city limits.

Besides, there’s also the factor of capital appreciation and earning the occasional rental on the home as a secondary outcome.

Considering these factors, one can appreciate the success of plotted projects as they’ve proven to be not only a perfect fit for those looking for regular escapades but also a worthy investment that appreciates in time.

Upgrade to a better way of life

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Its undeniable that buying a plot of land and building a home of your dreams can be one of the most significant high points of a person’s life. It allows for the plot owner to not only express himself by building something grand but also allows for the owner to make ample room for pursuing hobbies the way he/ she always wanted to.

What’s more, since there are no constraints on restricting the space and number of rooms in the house thus built, there is the prospect of upgrading to a larger home that is replete with more amenities and better facilities than the first home.

In fact, these homes have been found to serve as ideal retirement homes too.

It’s a lifestyle statement, really!

If you actually think about it, owning a farmhouse or a weekend home seemed like the sort of thing that only the affluent could afford to own, isn’t it? However, that’s now changed and so has the perception.

Now a weekend home built on a plot of land is considered to be a sign of sure fire success and a symbol of the investors’ business acumen and expertise.

Not only that, the grander the weekend home the more it speaks of the owners’ affluence and success in life. Not such a bad thing, isn’t it?

Entertain friends or Just Re-Energise Yourself- It’s up to you

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The best part of owning a plotted weekend home is the fact that you have to bear no unnecessary expense of entertaining office colleagues or friends in lavish retreats/ restaurants. Besides, not only it is more convenient for the host and the guest to reach the weekend home faster, as it is within city limits, but also the fact that the existing amenities and infrastructure of the plotted project are certain to keep them occupied without much effort on the plot owner’s part.

What’s more, the fact that the weekend home is obviously going to be set within verdant green foliage and a natural, serene surrounding, you can take a break and do whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

No room charges to worry about and no check-in forms to fill!