About Our Company

About Our Company

Our eco-friendly habitats breathe new life into its environs and your investment.

Our Mantra

To help every individual create wealth by owning a piece of Land -as both financial affluence and emotional security.

Our mantra is to create an individual delightful experience for every customer to enhance their relationship with our Brand

Our Philosophy

We realize the importance of conserving the Nature around us. Hence, we strive to conserve the ecology of every land we develop.

Our environment will preserve our tomorrow, only if we conserve it today. We conserve the habitats around, every time we develop a new project. We help our habitats breathe new.

Who we are?

We are Layout Developers in Chennai with noticeable footprints in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We are Ananda Green Mantra, known for our high proficiency and commitment.

What we do?

We develop lands to well-designed, secured gated communities. We give our habitats a green touch by taking care that the environment is not destroyed. We never compromise in providing eco-friendly atmosphere to our valuable clients.

Why Ananda?

We provide legal transparency and clarity.

Our layouts are DTCP approved.

We extend our support throughout the journey with our customers

Let’s unite to leave a green footprint.

We have taken the gated property concept to the next level. It is not just about providing security to your Ananda, but the greenery we infuse the habitat with, maintains its ecological balance and conserves the eco-system of the habitat. The trees and plants in the habitat are chosen with care. Some of them possess anti-bacterial properties, while others are good mosquito repellents!

We believe that every piece of land preserves life!
Our layouts are planned to conserve this life and create a conducive environment. We design habitats!

Our eco-friendly habitats breathe new life

into its environs and your investment.