Plots near Oragadam

New Life smiles in every bloom of Nature.
Happy Life is one that is in harmony
with Nature.

Residential Plots sale Oragadam

Happiness lies in the joy of being surprised! A cooling rain in the scorching heat; a vibrant rainbow on a dull sky; a silver lining to a grey cloud… Or a lush oasis in a concrete jungle! Ananda Habitat. A habitat that supports its environment and contributes to its ecological balance. The environs here breathes…

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New Life

Fresh air, Nature walk, Fragrant flowers, or a sweet chirp of the birds – the elements that add value to living. We present all these in the habitat.

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New Earth

Our rain water harvesting pits and a well-maintained verdant environs contribute to a balanced ecology. We help you leave a greener footprint.

DTCP approved plots in Sriperumbudur

New Wealth

Let your money work for you once you make an Ananda investment! It gives you a good ROI. Besides that, with its lush green environs, it offers good health too, which is true wealth!

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New Space

Enjoy a space that gives you a happy welcome! Avenue trees decorate the paths inside the layout and aroma plantations bring in freshness and good health.

We bring Nature to your doorstep! Our fully landscaped parks with floral beds make the green canvas, on which we have created the green habitat!

The Avenue and Aroma plantations (Mahogany, Kadamba, Peepal tree, Neem Tree, Plumeriarubra, etc.) offer liveliness to the green environment.

We harvest the elixir of life! The rain water harvesting pits stores and maintains the water table well. Thus we contribute to our ecology, preserved for posterity! A fully functional eco-balanced and bio-diverse environment welcomes you at the Ananda Habitat, spread across 18 acres, a one-of-its kind asset in well secured gated community
(DTCP Approved) plots with clear title!