Ananda Habitat – Go Green Eco-Friendly Residential Plots Bring the True Value of Your Life!

With the entire world getting polluted, which is certainly unavoidable when you have your job and livelihood in the urban region, locating your home in a go green region could bring a perfect solution to increase your value of life, which means living standard.

In this axis, Ananda Habitat takes all measures to present you the best Go Green eco-friendly properties that will not only improve your living standard but also brings value to your investment.

Why should you choose to go green Residential Plots?

There can be several reasons, why you should choose go green plots, perhaps to point a few valid facts, here follow:

• Integration of renewable energy plans that are absolutely affordable whilst traditionally sourced from the fossil fuels

• Sustainable living, which is getting rid of processed foods and chemicals that ruin your healthy life whilst getting naturally sourced foods. The plantation of vegetables and fruits within the complex encourages residents to consume absolutely organic foods, and thus create an opportunity to eliminate processed foods• Eco-friendly homes save money due to the insulation and durability of sustainable materials used for construction, which in turn increases the value of your home in the real estate market.

Ananda Habitat Eco-Friendly Homes Highlights:

With ample things to gain from the go green homes, here are few to point out how Ananda Habitat means your investment:

• Ananda Green Manthra Habitat is available within Chennai city zone and it features effective use of the environmental resources, including power, water and Avenue and Aroma Plantations.

• This environmentally friendly residential property is integrated with rainwater harvesting, which is imperative to preserve precious rainwater to raise the groundwater resource.

• This Go Green property from Ananda Green Manthra is never compromised on quality whilst safeguarding the environment along with.

• The grand entrance archway, highly secured compound wall, standard blacktop roads and footpath with the kerbstones are the added advantage of Ananda Habitat’s Go Green property.

• To provide enough lighting that increases the peace of mind and safety to people residing, street lights with uninterrupted electricity is a noticeable complement

• Adding more, the children’s play area, fully landscaped parks with floral beds, overhead water tank with underground sump, round the clock water connection to every plot, underground sewage with septic tank, and rainwater harvesting pits further enhances your comfort of living with improved standard of life

• Ananda Habitat further offers 3 years of maintenance to the residents at a nominal cost. There is also a KalyanaMandapam within the compound to encourage the residents to organize their family function and common events