Checklist to know before you attempt to buy DTCP Approved land/plot – Tips and Guide

Owning a land to build your own house is the dream of many. This is especially high in case of young men and women with enormous wishes and dreams to build their lives in a happy and successful way.

Today we can see several real estate agencies coming up with attractive property promotions at various locations. Such properties are available both within the city limits and in the surrounding or sub-urban regions to buy. Some properties would become an excellent investment option, whereas some best for building your dream home. However, some property may not get your expected return on investment either at least a reasonable growth in the value even if you wait for years. Therefore, it becomes crucial to know a few factors before you attempt to buy land or a plot for your investment or house construction purposes.

In this axis to help you identify the right property / land, here follow a few checklist that you should be aware of;

Decide your budget. The budget plays the vital and foremost role in choosing a land to buy. This will also influence the location you are looking to invest.

Is the land buildable? Next, check if the land you are going to buy is eligible for building home immediately. This will also depend on various factors like the neighborhood, accessibility, livelihood in the region and many others.


You need to gain some knowledge about the zoning ordinances established by the local government to regulate the use of land, which is also set according to the local planning board. The main purpose of this planning is to ensure that the property owners achieve their desired goal to own DTCP Approved land in a perfect location.

Septic systems:

You should certainly focus on the availability of planned septic system when it comes to constructing your home on the land you are going to buy.

Drinking water:

You should also ensure that the land you buy also receives adequate supply of good drinking water. Ananda Habitat facilitates with water pipelines leading every individual plot. This brings water supply to your plot, which is crucial.

Evaluate the site:

Never hesitate importance of evaluating the site before you buy. You should be aware of the factors like drainage system, water tables, and presence of ledge.

Site design:

Make sure that the design you come up with for building home cause no issues during the approval. However, this approval will also depend on the type of land you choose to buy.

Market value:

Try to gain some knowledge of the market value of the land in the location/zone you are going to buy. Thereby, you can get an idea of the reasonable cost of the plot before you pay and sign the documentation.