Enchanting Waterfalls

The Kaigal waterfall is a beautiful place located on the Palamaner Kuppam Highway. It is a pleasant sight to the eyes of anyone who has been living in the city away from the nature. A natural and perennial waterfall, Kaigal waterfall is also called as Dumukurallu waterfall. This waterfall is ever enchanting but its beauty is enhanced in the monsoon season as the waterfall has force within and sounds like falling stones

Way to Kaigal Falls

The way to Kailgal Falls is about 195 km from Oragadam in Chennai which takes about 4 hours journey by road. This falls is located in Andhra Pradesh Chitoor District. This is located just 2.5 km away from Kaigal village, so is named after the village. The falls can be reached through Palamaner – Kuppam Highway. People visiting the falls can come by their own transportation or can reach there by Palamaner – Kuppam bus and get down at the Kaigal waterfall bus stop and walk the mud road reaching the falls. Best season to visit the waterfalls is between September and December.

Best Time to Get Wet at Kaigal Falls

The stream called Kaigal forms the falls which one of the prominent streams flowing in the region through Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kaigal falls places itself down in the pond below which makes it a beautiful place to resonate your leisure time with. Though the falls is a perennial one yet the monsoon is the best time to see the water gushing down the stream and it is the best time to refresh one by getting wet in the falls.