Green Plot

Living in a zone that is absolutely free from any natural disaster will just be a dream that can never come true in your life. There can be various reasons for this like the increasing threat of global warming, chances of floods in all regions regardless you are far from water resources, marking of even safe zones to the earthquake-prone zones in recent days, changes in monsoon causing cyclones and many others.

Do you think that it is certainly possible to find a home to live in the zone that is completely out of such natural risks?

Never possible!

However, it can still be made possible through the go green project that focuses more on enabling you construct homes on plots favorable to nature whilst preventing the building structure from all possible natural disasters including earthquake and unforeseen flood.

In this aspect, here are a few factors that exhibit how Ananda Habitat strive hard to offer plots safe from the possible natural risks in the zone;


There is nothing to predict about the flood caused by cyclone. However, locating your home in the region that is raised from the sea levels or safe from rain water clogging is imperative. In this aspect, Ananda Habitat lays the plot within the safe secured compound integrated with rain water harvesting pits and underground sewage with septic tank that drains water instantly without clogging. Besides the standard black top roads and foot path with kerb stones prevents water flooding over the area whilst creating a safe living space for people.


This is another unpredictable natural risk, which may attack any zone anytime. However, to make sure that your home withstands such intense shaking, strong foundation featured with earthquake proof should be laid during their house construction. This makes your home sustain earthquake to certain magnitude and saves the lives.


This is the major risk during summer seasons, lightning or due to human carelessness. However, to prevent such disaster, Ananda Habitat chooses the zone away from forest region or closer to dense trees surrounded for the residential plots to be laid.

In addition to these major considerations, the overhead water tank with underground sump helps every plot receive sufficient water supply, which is crucial to prevent scarcity of water resources over the days.

With ample factors to consider, Ananda Habitat takes all essential measures to provide you the safest residential plots free from the threat of natural disasters maximum possible. Undeniably, these plots are laid in zones that can naturally prevent the possible damages caused by natural disasters. Moreover, the avenue and aroma plantations perfectly suit the concept of Go Green of Ananda Habitat.