Who is Risk Averse investor

Who is Risk Averse investor?

In the investment world risk is a common word associated with any kind of investments as the saying goes” Higher the risk, higher the returns”. But on the other side of the coin it also depicts higher the risk, higher the losses. This is the reason why some people run away from risks and take up investments that are less risky and provide moderate returns in the long run. Risk Averse investor is a person who invests his savings in such instrument which provides moderate to good returns for a given period of time with less or no risk.

Chennai a Risk Averse Community

Chennaiites are people who fall in to this category where they prefer to invest in to instruments like gold, real estate, SIPs or MFs. With demonetization and other financial crisis on the bay the investors in the southern region as compared to their counterparts in North, West and East tend to get to their roots by investing in Real Estate and Gold in larger numbers. The sheer confidence of the investors is built on the growing value of the fixed assets or shares linked to these assets. In case of a share market where the volatility is high, investors who are risk averse tend to avoid with their investments.

Chennai investor community is in general a very conservative community run by its own cultural and traditional rules in terms of investments. Share market is not a cup of tea for the Chennaiites as they look at safety and security of their hard earned money and look for regular returns rather than a sudden jump of returns based on high risk. The periodic saving schemes offered by jewelers, bank FDs and RDs, Postal saving schemes, LIC, Mutual Funds and majorly Real Estate are the investment options Chennaiites prefer over the share trading as they are less risky and provide definite returns.

Gold and Real Estate Take the Front Seat with Chennaiites

Gold and Real Estate are the only assets or investments which will provide appreciation even after the investment period has gone beyond imagination. The value of these assets keeps appreciating as compared to any other asset in the investment list. These assets are also considered the most auspicious of all the assets across India especially in South of India. Chennai is a place of rich heritage and beauty and people living in this area are bound by its religious and cultural roots which make them risk averse in terms of money and they are not the greedier lot to run behind money in this form. The traditional and cultural background makes Chennaites to invest more in the traditional investment avenues as compared to shares or stock market.

Real estate in Chennai especially in Oragadam has influenced people to invest more in the go green concept plots which make the environment healthy and safe for all to live in. The need of the hour is staying close to environment so the plots by Ananda Green Manthra in Oragadam area is the finest choice in comparison to other real estate properties in Chennai. Thus the Chennaiites are risk averse but are the most culturally strong people in the country.