Why Investment

Why Investment

Why investing in gated community is becoming increasingly popular alternative investment

Land  has increased in value by over 800% over the last twenty years and remains one of the most popular forms of  investment  . A residential-sized plot of land would allow buyers to share in any future development gains without the need to buy large acres as a developer would.

Traditionally, investment in land was only available to elite businesses, farmers and wealthy individuals, however today it is available for investment by normal income earners too.

Investment in gated community continues to remain popular and rightly so, as land is the only asset that has increased in value by over 800% in the last 20 years. This is the reason why more people are investing in lands today whereas traditionally only very wealthy individuals, families and companies did so. A plot of land today is a key asset that can be sold or shared for future development gains, without having the need to buy land as many builders and developers do in the present scenario. The best part is that the demand for land is ever-increasing and that there is limited land on sale, which is certainly a positive point for all those who are interested in investing in gated community. Moreover, purchasing of gated community is much easier when compared to buying residential property.

Advantages in investing gated community:

  • Land is a tangible asset unlike stocks and shares; and because of constant increase in demand and limited supply, one can be sure of boosted profits.
  • Investment in land is a very simple and transparent process and is not as complicated as investment in shares and stocks.
  • While traditionally there is no rental income from gated community, you can change that by leasing your land for allotment, tenant farming or parking lot, provided the location is suitable.
  • More often than not, gated community have better resale value than residential properties, especially people interested in individual houses prefer to purchase land and construct their home depending on their unique taste, preferences and needs.
  • The cost of land is comparatively lower than residential properties and hence is affordable.
  • Property tax from gated community is lower compared to residential properties, not only that, you also save low maintenance in the case of gated community.
  • Since gated community are available in all sizes and in many locations. You can invest in a plot that you like and can choose to construct a home on it after a few years when you have enough money for construction.

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